Robotics is the crossing of science, engineering and technology that produces machines, called robots. The mission of robots is to reduce the efforts of human beings through the introduction of artificial intelligence and robotics. Excellence Training Centre  are privileged to offer quality education in the field of robotics both online and offline. There are plenty of materials available in the market regarding robotic courses but how far those materials will be effective to you if you are not having any mode of practical knowledge?! 

This is what makes us different!

We teach the students technology starting from the basic level as robotics is the combination of computer science, mechanical and electronics engineering, we teach and train students the basics of programming, electronics and mechanical assembling at first. After the theory session, the candidate is offered to choose their robotics project to work upon. The custom model training helps the candidate to gain the knowledge which benefits them in creating their own custom robots at minimum resource and minimum cost.

The motivation for us to launch this course is that there are many institutions in Thrissur or the whole state that provides robotics training. How many schools/colleges conduct such sessions or provide a facility for robotics training?! Well the count is very low it seems!

Considering the situation, we are taking the opportunity to launch the future technology currently rocking the present, robotics with immense expectations and hope! The dedicated and mastered faculties in this field is the strength and confidence that we are maintaining so that later, we shall be the one of the top institutions of Robotics training in Thrissur and Kerala.