Multimedia Animation


Multimedia deals with different media elements such as texts images and video. It plays a unique role in coordinating the visual communication techniques. As like every other things, multimedia came to its today’s version after a series of evolution. These evolutions happened upon the evolution of computer systems. The digital computers made the multimedia to a whole new level.

Professional Diploma in Multimedia Animation and Photography deals with different aspects of multimedia. Where you can find the possibilities of different applications of multimedia such as Graphics design, Video Editing, Audio Editing, 2D Animation, 3D animation and Photography.  We uses Adobe, Autodesk and CorelDraw software for the different regions of this course. These are known for their user friendly environment and maximum quality of productivity. Also these are top in industry level.

We provide the quality teaching and top end facilities to provide the best for the trainees. The multimedia industry is known for the best job opportunity field over the years. There won’t be a change in its demand as nothing can replace a creative mind.  Welcome to the world of multimedia.


   Graphics designing as the name indicates it deals with the designing of Graphical elements in order to establish a communication. Designers use pictures and typography to represent the visual communication. A designer uses page hierarchy, visual balance, page layout to meet the client or users requirement.

   We integrated a graphics designing course that helps you to understand the various graphics designing techniques and the traditional and basic concepts. This will help you to understand the evolution of graphics designing.

  As the graphics design plays a key role in all kind of digital platforms and in printing platforms there won’t be a decreasing demand in this area. The fact is its demand going upwards proportionally with the advancement of technology. It is known for everlasting job opportunities.

Who you can become 

Graphics designer

Ux designer

Web designer

Publishing designer

Photo editor

Album editor


Advertisement designer

Who should go for this course

You can apply for these courses after class 10.  Also If you are creative  you can apply.


   2D Animation uses 2 dimensional spaces to create movements. It uses motion characters and motion backgrounds to create these movements. When we add another dimension to the 2 dimension it creates a 3 dimensional spaces and movements. Its known as 3D animation.

  We have created a unique pattern of 2D and 3D animation course which mainly starts with the principles of animation and will get to an advanced level. The advancement to 3D animation is from 2D animation which is commonly known as traditional animation. The modern technology created softwares to manipulate the traditional animation techniques to digital animation techniques. Our course makes you enter in to the world of 2D and 3D animations. And a huge number of job opportunities waits for you.

Who you can become 

3D artist

3D designer

3D developer

3D Animator

3D Visualizer

2D animator

2D Visualizer

Who should go for this course

While drawing skills would be an added advantage , anyone with a passion towards animation films, script writing, storytelling, acting,clay modeling & photography can enroll for this programme. Educational qualification should be 12th pass and above.


Photography   is a technique of creating images or pictures by means of digital sensors or photographic material exposing the light to them. Modern photography techniques use mass storage devices like memory cards and hard disks which enables them to take much more images than the traditional photographic film techniques.

   We have integrated traditional photography techniques with modern digital camera equipment which enables you to understand both the traditional and modern techniques of photography.  The course circulated on DSLR camera equipment which is widely used nowadays for various photography techniques like wildlife, landscape, wedding, fashion and product photography. It also covers the post processing of taken images which plays an important role in applications of the images produced. The course enables you to find a good career in photography.

Who you can become 

Product photographer

Wild life photographer

Street photographer

Portrait photographer

Photo Editor

Who should go for this course

This course is ideally suited for people who want to take up professional photography very seriously and want to start their work soon after completion of the course


Video audio editing mainly deals with the proper mixing or the arrangement of video and audio sources in order to create an audible visual treatment. Video is one of the widely used media in this modern world. Its unique feature is its way of communication. But the video alone has limitations which is nothing but the audio part. Video along with an audio can communicate than both of them exclusively. Hence they are integral part of modern digital revolution.

    This course deals with the audio and video editing techniques which includes the manipulation of video and audio media multiplexing them to produce a visual treat. It also deals with dynamic editing techniques which is used to communicate effectively and in a timely manner. The effective editing can create unique videos. The course aims to make you an editor of audio and video. It opens the door of job opportunities in mass communication media like film, television, and now the modern video sharing websites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Who you can become 

Video audio editor

Advertisement designer

Sound designer

Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technician

Film Editor

Who should go for this course

Require minimum of 10 th pass . Any video audio enthusiast can apply who knows the basic computer skills and creativity.